Where will classes be held?
Classes will be held at Fly Loft in downtown Tulsa.
117 N. Boston

How do I know which level to take?
Levels are not based on age, but on maturity of dancer. Advanced level does not simply mean high school advanced – you might also find a college student, teacher, or professional dancer in an advanced class.

What if I sign up for a class but it is too hard/easy?
We want you to get the most of your classes. So, if you feel like you’ve signed up for the wrong level, you are allowed to switch provided that you do so within the first 10 min of the combination.

Is there a registration fee?
No! As long as we can swing it, DPP doesn’t believe in charging participants extra fees to take class.

Can I sign up for classes on the day of?
You can sign up for classes the day of, but it’s not recommend because there are only 20 students allowed in each class. Plus, it’s cheaper if you do it ahead of time!